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Daniel Emanuel

Dan Emanuel is a design powerhouse and offers over 9 years of experience designing and building for some of the biggest names in the embedded hardware industry. Dan graduated from Rutgers University with a Mechanical Engineering degree and started his career young with a firm based in Taiwan as their lead mechanical engineer in the States. He has over 9+ years designing state of the art products for their clients, creating custom solutions for e-readers, voting machines, and even batteries. Now he is spending his time helping to design a sustainable world through Adhumaen.

Alima Huq

Alima is a self-starter who met Dan when they were both attending Rutgers University. She has been able to address key systemic and operational challenges at the many startups she helped grow. Most recently, she left her position as the Chief Product Officer of a startup to oversee the growth and product development at Adhumaen. She's worked in New York and San Francisco creating business and product development teams both with scrappy young startups. Her day to day now involves tag teaming with Dan in visualizing a world where sustainability and justice are prioritized in development.