Adhumæn is..

“Ad” translated from Latin means “towards” and “humæn” is pronounced human. We are working towards a future where sustainability and the environment are imperative business values. 

As the manufacturing industry grows and begins to lay roots into foundational tracks future forward frontiers like space and deep sea exploration, we must demand the industry reprioritize and mandate use and development of sustainable materials.

Together, we can build closed loops within industries producing the most waste to create meaningful, well designed products that alleviates the burdens on our landfills.

Our team has spent 9+ years working in the embedded hardware industry and FinTech space respectively creating solutions to impact the most people with creatively designed products.

Closed loop recycling that taps into resources that will ultimately end up in landfills will help us stop the spread of fungal and bacterial infections which plague communities in rural low income regions.

Bioplastics should not take away from our food crops or be created from virgin materials which require so much water, energy, and time to produce. This increases the cost to produce the bioplastic. We have an abundance of bio-waste created right in our homes, from our food scraps or broken furniture, and beyond.